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  • Farm Lady's Delicious Chicken Parmesan



     "Even the kids love it! Thin chicken breasts are dusted in bread crumbs (seasoned with Parmesan cheese, basil, and oregano), then baked for 10-12 minutes. Top with mozzarella, return to oven for 1 minute. Serve with a favorite organic spaghetti sauce."



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  • 16 Weird Life Hacks That Are Actually Borderline Genius


    The web is overflowing with life hacks. Some work, some don’t, but the whole point of a hack is to make your life just a little bit easier, so if it doesn’t work, it is really annoying. I often wonder how people come up with these hacks. Is it a trial and error thing? Or are these hacks actually well-thought-out? Either way, when a hack does work, your day is made just a little bit better. Low-budget tips and tricks can help you in a many ways, and these weird hacks will be just the thing to keep in the back of your mind should you ever need them. I use #10 all the time.


    1. White glue can remove a splinter


    Got a splinter? Pour a small amount of white school glue on the area and then let it dry. When you peel it off, the splinter should come right out.



    2. Use a sticky note to clean your keyboard

    Keep your keyboard free of dirt and dust by sliding a sticky note between the keys.



    3. Prevent crying while chopping onions

    Chewing gum while cutting onions prevents tears by forcing you to breathe through your mouth, so pop in a piece of your favor chewing gum prior to pulling out the knife… Or you could always get a little creative with plastic wrap, like this dude.



    4. Heal paper cuts with ChapStick

    Chapstick is great to protect your lips from the wind and sun, but it can also heal a paper cut. Simply apply some ChapStick to the papercut and it will immediately ease the discomfort and pain. The lip balm helps to keep air from hitting the nerves.



    5. Clear nail polish stops itchy mosquito bites

    The torturous itchiness of a mosquito bite is the absolute worst! Put a small dab of clear nail polish on a mosquito bite and the itchiness will immediately stop.



    6. Put smelly shoes in the freezer to make them stink less

    Putting stinky shoes in the freezer overnight will kill the bacteria responsible for producing the odours, and they will come out smelling much fresher.



    7. Never waste Nutella again

    In order to make sure you are getting every last bit of Nutella out of the jar, you can put in a couple scoops of ice cream when the jar is almost empty.




    8. Small kitchen? No problem

    If you are low on counter space, open up a drawer and put your cutting board inside. This will give you a little more working space.



    9. Cut perfect slices of cheese

    Use unflavored dental floss as a means to cut cheese. You can use this technique to cut perfect pieces of cake, too.



    10. Use a spaghetti noodle to light a candle

    When your candles burn closer to the bottom and they are harder to light, you can use a spaghetti noodle. I do this all the time. It works great!



    11. Use a cheese grater when your butter is too hard

    Sometimes, butter can get really hard, and it makes it almost impossible to cut or spread. Grab a cheese grater and grate your butter. It’s a lot easier and will save you the elbow grease.




    12. Use stale bread to clean suede

    You can rub a piece of stale bread on suede to make stains disappear. I am going to try this on my suede couch.


    13. Got a stinky room?

    Solve that problem with a dryer sheet.



    14. Don’t waste your time ironing

    Try this instead. This will work if you are strapped for time, too.




    15. Stuck zippers are the worst

    Here is a quick solution.



    16. You can light Doritos on fire

    If you are camping or having a backyard fire and you are having trouble getting it lit, use Doritos as a fire starter.


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